Friday, August 3, 2012

Waterloo Road returns on 23rd August

Meet Drew and Jade, the two new pupils of Waterloo Road, who join the cast in the opening episode of Series 8 as a couple of teenage runaways.

Paige Meade (represented by United Agents) stars as teenager Jade, on the run from a foster home and sharing a squat with her controlling boyfriend Drew but dreams of a better life. She announces that she’s going to school at Waterloo Road and despite his fear the authorities will find out about them, Drew is persuaded to enroll too.

Max Fowler (represented by Eamonn Bedford Agency) plays Drew who despite not being registered at Waterloo Road uses his charisma to win Lorraine over - but it’s not long before Tom sees an angry side to the new boy.

The school, newly opened in Scotland,  is buzzing as Jade and Drew arrive, but when the headmaster offers Jade, but not Drew, accommodation in the school house, Drew reacts angrily, forcing his girlfriend to reveal a secret which will have far-reaching consequences for the pair.

The first episode of the new ten-episode series will be shown at 8:00 - 9:00 pm on Thursday 23rd August on BBC One.

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