Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Katie Morag comes to CBeebies

The adventures of Katie Morag McColl are to be made into a series of 26 x14 minute live action dramas for CBeebies

Katie Morag, which will be produced by the Scottish indie Move On Up, is based on the hugely popular series of books created by author and illustrator Mairi Hedderwick.

Katie Morag is a small red-headed girl who lives with her family on the magical Scottish Island of Struay. Although she lives in a unique setting, her stories portray some of the enduring themes of childhood.

Stories of jealousy, bravery and rivalry, peopled by an annoying little brother, busy shopkeeper parents, a perfectly perfect best friend and a couple of grandmothers who between them know everything about everything. Katie Morag is a feisty character who has been known to get herself into scrapes but who generally emerges from them (usually with some assistance from one or other of her Grandmothers) in a funny and endearing way.

Mairi Hedderwick said: “It is high time that that I let go of Katie Morag. I will be intrigued to watch her transformation into the medium of live action television because Katie Morag is a very real child in a very real environment; the mailbags of teachers' and children's letters from all over reassure me on this.”

Katie Morag will be shot on location in the Scottish Highlands with the stories told from a child’s perspective. Against a backdrop of the remote and beautiful Hebridean Islands, the stories will celebrate the intrinsic sense of community, the preciousness of the environment and the universal tensions and joys of family life.

The 26-episode live-action series is due to be filmed in Lewis next year.

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