Thursday, May 23, 2013

Feature film casting call

Honeytrap is a new urban feature film inspired by true events. The film looks at gang culture from the perspective of a teenage girl and is set to shoot in London this summer.

Candid Casting are currently looking for a young Afro-Caribbean actress to play the lead role:

Honeytrap is written and directed by Rebecca Johnson who was named one of Screen International’s ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ in 2009 and has been making films looking at aspects of life in Brixton for the last 10 years.

All applications must be received by 26th May.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In The Flesh to return for second series

BBC Three is to make an extended second series of Dominic Mitchell’s zombie drama, In The Flesh, following the successful three-part serial earlier this year.

Series two revisits the cauldron of Roarton where the living and the undead have reached a fragile peace. Luke Newberry will return as Kieran who,  after the shocking events of series one, is hoping to get on with his second life, but the arrival of new and explosive characters throws those plans into disarray. Battle lines are drawn and all will be judged.

Writer Dominic Mitchell says: “I am absolutely delighted and thrilled to be given this fantastic opportunity to continue exploring the characters and world of In The Flesh.”

Zai Bennett, Controller of BBC Three, says: “In The Flesh was a fantastically original and engaging drama for BBC Three. I'm delighted Dominic and the team will be able to tell more stories from the riveting characters and engaging world they created.”

In The Flesh is made by BBC Drama Production North. It will  film later this year and transmit in 2014 on BBC Three.

Monday, May 20, 2013

What We Did On Our Holiday casting news

Principal photography begins on new British family comedy, What We Did on Our Holiday, on the 17th June on location in Scotland.

What We Did on Our Holiday stars some of Britain’s best-loved acting talent including Billy Connolly, Rosamund Pike, David Tennant, Ben Miller and Amelia Bullmore.

Playing the three young children of Doug (Tennant) and Abi (Rosamund Pike) are:

Rising star 11 year old Emilia Jones (represented by ARG Talent) who played Alice in Channel 4's Utopia and was recently seen in an episode of Doctor Who. Emilia played Young Fiona in Shrek in the West End and is the daughter of singer and TV presenter Aled Jones.

The film also introduces newcomer Harriet Turnbull, and  Bobby Smalldridge as Mickey in his first feature film role. Bobby played Small Boy in Billy Eliot in the West End and recently filmed an episode of Miss Marple.

The film, produced by Origin Pictures and BBC Films has received support from the National Lottery through Creative Scotland and will be shooting on location across Glasgow and the Highlands.

The latest offering from the creators of BBC hit comedy Outnumbered, What We Did on Our Holiday is described as a heart-warming and uplifting comedy, telling the story of an ordinary family trying to survive in extraordinary circumstances.

Written and directed by the co-creators of Outnumbered, Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton, the film is produced by award-winning Producer David M Thompson alongside Dan Winch in his first Producer role.

Here's the synopsis:
Doug and Abi are taking their three children on a trip to Scotland for a big family gathering. They are in the midst of a difficult divorce, and have asked the kids to keep it a secret from their extended family. But as the inevitable feuds kick in, a completely unexpected turn of events involving the children causes further tensions to rise to the surface. And with the repercussions that ensue - hilarious and emotional in equal measure - the family are forced to put aside their differences and work together or else risk losing what they hold most dear. 

What We Did on Our Holiday is scheduled for a 2014 release.

Manchester agency looking for new talent aged 6 - 19 years

To apply please email with your interest, pic and contact details or call 0161 850 1994 for more information.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Casting Call for Citizen Khan

Casting Call Citizen Khan - FATIMA

Series 2 of the hit BBC1 show is back.

Produced by BBC In-House Comedy, Citizen Khan is a warm family comedy written by Adil Ray, Richard Pinto and Anil Gupta. Our director is the talented Ben Gosling Fuller (That Mitchell and Webb Look, The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff) and our producer is the award winning Catherine Gosling (Pramface, Twenty Twelve).

Mr Khan (played by Adil Ray) is a larger than life character with big dreams and strident opinions. In this episode youngest daughter Alia (played by Bhavna Limbachia) has a visitor from France.

We are looking to cast FATIMA - Alia’s hijab wearing friend, realistic playing age 17-19 petite, Middle Eastern or North African appearance, flirty, French/Arabic accent.

Please note: for script reasons this role is NOT open to white or Asian actresses.

Filming: between 14-20th June

Pay: BBC/Equity agreement

Self-taping audition in the first instance please.
Email photo/cv to THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED & if you fit the brief you will be sent the scenes.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Open casting call for Charlie feature film

Charlie is a dark coming of age story set during World War Two in Italy, written and directed by Mike Ogden.

The following roles are OPEN TO SUBMISSION: 

What we’re looking for & you should consider –
• Non professional as well as professional stage/screen school actors can apply.
• Character is important. They must be alike their character description or else have exceptional acting skills. For instance, if your son is shy but can deliver dialogue, that’s okay.
• Consider that we are filming in Bulgaria for several weeks. They will be chaperoned/tutored and have clearances.
• If you are submitting for the role of ‘Birdy’, we only need to see some video of her talking to camera as we do not expect her to ‘act’.
• Consider if they look their character playing age not their real age.

Those we choose to see will be contacted at a later date.

TO SUBMIT – Please upload a video of your actor performing. This must include dialogue from a play, film or short monologue. Then send a short e mail with a head shot and a link to the video to –



Playing Age : 14 but looks younger.
Height : No bigger than 5’2”
Build : Thin/scrawny
Hair : Dark/Black
Looks : Italian / Mediterranean.
Language : Must speak English. English with an Italian accent is okay.
Character Description :
Marco is an impatient, feisty and always up to some imaginary adventure. He wants to be taken seriously as an adult, to fight alongside his partisan brother and sister. Marco has never been out of the valley but the land he lives in he knows intimately, the shortcuts and the best routes. Other kids look up to him. Protective of his elder sister. Marco is naive, ignoring the politics surrounding the partisan movement and the wider situation in occupied Italy.

Playing Age : 14
Height : Tall
Build : Thin/scrawny
Hair : Light. Expect to be dyed for the role.
Looks : Italian / Mediterranean.
Language : Must speak English. English with an Italian accent is okay.
Character Description :
Taller than Marco, Bernardo wears spectacles. He is a bookish, intelligent and shares his father’s love of science and literature. A more thoughtful boy than Marco. Polite yet clumsy, nervous; afraid of the natural world he finds alien and threatening. Bernardo can be moody/gloomy due to his experiences. Together with Marco they are a ‘double act’ of light and shade and best friends.

Playing Age : 4
Height : Tiny
Build : Thin
Hair : Light. Expect to be dyed for the role.
Looks : Italian / Mediterranean.
Language : Must speak a little English. English with an Italian accent is okay.
Character Description :
‘Birdy’ is the nickname of ‘Emily’. She’s a raggedly cute four year old and her nickname comes from her weak heart. She’s shy but also funny once you get to know her and she you. With her father and brother, she has escaped and travelled south, the experience of which has left her inward and timid. Instantly loveable.

Playing Age : 16
Height : Tall
Build : Large
Hair : Dark.
Looks : Italian / Mediterranean.
Language : Must speak English. English with an Italian accent is okay.
Character Description :
‘Alberto’ is a big teenager, good looking but also the town bully. He’s also quite slow, constantly outwitted by Marco but has power to settle fights by way of threatening their families which most of the kids are well aware of. He despises Marco – the only boy who will stand up to him.

For further details visit Charlie film website

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Robot Overlords casting news - updated!

Dennys Ilic
18 year old Australian actor Callan McAuliffe, who plays a teenage Leonardo DiCaprio in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby, has landed the starring role in Our Robot Overlords alongside Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson.

The story follows the tenacious, optimistic Sean (McAuliffe) who will defy an empire to find his father after robots invade Earth and occupy every street.

Newcomer James Tarpey (represented by United Agents) plays Nathan. James is a graduate of the Brit School and will be seen as a young Eddie Marsan in new sci-fi comedy feature film World's End.

16 year old newcomer Ella Hunt (represented by Piers Nimmo), from Devon, will play Alex.

10 year old newcomer Milo JF Parker plays Connor, the youngest member of the family.

Here's the synopsis:

Earth has been conquered by Robots from a distant Galaxy, survivors are confined to their houses and must wear electronic implants, risking incineration by Robot Sentries if they venture outside. In Robot occupied Britain, city centres are devastated and our gang of teenagers live in a seaside town constantly under Robot threat. Intimidating Sentries patrol the streets, Snipers are merciless death machines. The Mediator is deceptively childlike but unnervingly coercive. The Robot base is The Cube, a massive mother-ship that dominates the horizon.

The film is directed by Jon Wright and produced by Piers Tempest and Embankment Films.

Our Robot Overlords is set to start shooting on June 3rd in Ireland and then on to the Isle of Man.