Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First look at All at Sea

Here's a first look at the young cast of All At Sea, a brand-new children’s drama due to air on CBBC this autumn, currently filming on location in Scarborough and in studios in Wythenshawe, Manchester.

12 year old Ryan Wilkinson plays Charlie, with Olivia Cosgrove and Sam Hattersley as his best friends Alison and Ben. Milly Zero plays Charlie’s older sister Hannah, and Adam Greaves-Neal is his little brother Louie.

The colourful 13x30 minute series (previously known as Family By Sea and Charlie and the Alien) is centred around an imaginative 10-year-old boy named Charlie, whose family have recently moved from London to run a bed and breakfast by the sea in Scarborough.

Escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life, Charlie - who lives in the B&B with his mum and dad, 14-year-old sister Hannah and little brother Louie who is seven - loves his new-found freedom and exploring the town that has become their new seaside home.

Alongside his best friends Ben and Alison, Charlie roams the beaches, arcades and fish and chip shops of Scarborough, coming up with a variety of mischievous schemes and plans along the way. He also occasionally encounters his mum and dad’s B&B guests who are often friendly to Charlie... but sometimes regret that later!

Connal Orton, All At Sea’s executive producer, says: “All at Sea is a funny, fast-paced comedy set on the beautiful Scarborough coastline and we’re loving being on location there. It’s a really colourful series and we hope that CBBC viewers will enjoy seeing what scrapes Charlie and his friends get into.”

All At Sea also stars Nicola Stephenson as Charlie's mum Helen, and Steve Edge as his dad Kevin.

The series will start on CBBC this autumn.

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