Friday, October 11, 2013

Misfits Series 5

The award-winning drama Misfits returns for the fifth and final time at 10pm on Wednesday 23rd October.

The series marks the first anniversary of the storm, and the gang have to up their game if they're going to tackle some real-life, A-grade, superpowered vigilantes.

The final series sees the return of:

Karla Crome as Jess. Having had her heart broken by Alex ‘the handsome barman’ in Series 4, Jess is now more determined than ever that she won’t let her vulnerability show. But despite her cool exterior, an unlikely liaison is on the horizon that takes her completely by surprise.

Joseph Gilgun as Rudy. In the final series of Misfits, Rudy 2 discovers a support group for people with super powers, and once there he is encouraged by fellow attendees to stop taking flak from Rudy 1 and stand on his own two feet. When Rudy 2 confronts his other half about wanting to become his own person, Rudy 1 is predictably furious and dismissive, leading to a falling out between the two Rudys. But when Rudy 2 goes missing, Rudy 1 finds he can’t cope as well on his own as he thought.

Nathan McMullen as Finn. Loveable Liverpudlian Finn tries hard (perhaps a little too hard) to befriend people and please almost everyone, especially Jess whom he has had a crush on since they first met. But when he is captured by a group of Devil-worshipping scouts and the beginning of Series 5, the gang soon realise they will do whatever it takes to save their friend.

Matt Stokoe as Alex. In the opening episode, handsome barman Alex discovers that he has acquired a strange new superpower that he has to use on one of the gang. The ensuing chaos sees Alex doing community service and finally joining the rest of the guys in orange.

Natasha O’Keeffe as Abby. Series 5 sees Abby fall in love with a series of unlikely partners, but Abby has an emptiness at the heart of her. She has no memories of life before the storm – she doesn’t know who she is and no one seems to be looking for her. She’s desperate to discover the truth about what happened to her but when she does, her life becomes more complicated than ever, revealing a history that leads to a terrifying fight for her life.

The first episode of Series 5, written by Howard Overman and directed by William McGregor, is on E4 at 10:00pm on Wednesday 23rd October.

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