Friday, December 20, 2013

Faces to watch in 2014 - Alexa Davies

Look out for young Welsh actress Alexa Davies in 2014.

18 year old Alexa (represented by BWH), made her film debut last year after a local casting in her native North Wales in 2010, landed her a role in Sara Sugarman's Vinyl.

She will next be seen in Raised By Wolves, a semi-autobiographical series written by Caitlin Moran, set on a Wolverhampton council estate. Alexa plays the younger sister Aretha, opposite Helen Monks as the young Caitlin-character Germaine. The first episode of Raised by Wolves will be shown on 23rd December at 10.50pm on Channel 4.

Alexa will also be seen next year starring alongside Asa Butterfield in feature film X Plus Y, directed by BAFTA winning documentary maker Morgan Matthews, the tale of a maths prodigy team who travel to Taiwan to represent GB at the International Mathematics Olympiad.

She also made her stage debut earlier this year in No Quarter at the Royal Court.

Alexa is one of Screenterrier's Top British Teenage Actresses on IMDb.

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