Monday, January 6, 2014

Grandpa in my Pocket returns with two new young stars

CBeebies' BAFTA-nominated series Grandpa in my Pocket returns for a fourth series with two new young stars.

Sezen Djouma plays  Elsie and Harvey Thorn is Josh, who come to stay for the summer and the now teenage Jason (played by Jay Ruckley) lets them in on my secret life. 

James Bolam, one of the country’s favourite actors, returns as Grandpa but in this series he has new grandchildren in tow. He said of the young cast members:

"I think Harvey is brilliant as Josh and Sezen is absolutely delightful as Elsie. They were both a little nervous at the start, but they soon settled in and licked all us adults into shape. They’re both so natural, and keen, so a real pleasure to work with. They really "live" the stories. It's been a fantastic experience for them both working with such an experienced cast and they've learned a lot.

And Jason and Jemima are both still in this series too which gives the whole thing such great continuity. It was lovely to film with Jay (who plays Jason) again but I got a bit of a shock on the first day when this teenager walked in! I’d almost forgotten it’s been about three years since we filmed the last series. But we picked up where we’d left off really and that was grand. And Josie Cable, who plays Jemima, has really blossomed too and gives a lovely performance."

Grandson Jason is now a teenager, so it’s the turn of cousins Josh and Elsie to discover the secret of their Grandpa’s magic Shrinking Cap. The family has moved to a delightful windmill - The Mill on the Marsh - which they run as a small hotel. As various bizarre guests turn up, Grandpa has to shrink to save the day. He flies off in Josh’s toy helicopter or on Elsie’s Mrs Ostrich, creating chaos all over Sunnysands.

The 52 new episodes of Grandpa in my Pocket will return to CBeebies this January, date and time to be confirmed.

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