Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Next Step dance auditions

Candid Casting are working on Canadian dance TV show 'The Next Step', which will be filming this summer for its 3rd series to be aired on CBBC. The show features a dance studio that competes at an international level and we are looking for a new character to join the cast as an exchange student from the UK or Europe.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Temple Street Productions

LINE PRODUCER: Laurie Mclarty

SHOOT: 11th-30th August in Toronto, with the possibility of some filming in Miami towards the end of October.

ROLE: 15-20 year old male or female dancers

1. British Female
2. Polish-speaking Male
3. European Female
4. British or European Male

It is essential all applicants are highly skilled dancers. The main style of choreography is Jazz funk/Hip Hop with some contemporary, although the show does feature dancers who are specialists in a wide variety of styles from Ballet to Breakdance. The character and plot is yet to be formed, as the personality of the successful dancer will inspire the narrative of their role within the show, therefore we are looking for dancers with a standout personality and character.

CASTING: 6th & 7th May at ISTD2 in London
RECALL: 8th May at ISTD2 in London

The show's creator, Frank van Keeken, will be flying in to attend the auditions

Please see the link below to the choreography that will be performed followed by 4 counts of 8 of freestyle to highlight their individual talent, including turns, jumps and any ACRO or gymnastics.

They are not looking for any tap dancing.

Also below is a link to the first series of 'The Next Step', currently showing on BBC.



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