Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Casting call for non-represented actors!

Calling all non represented actors!

We are offering a fantastic opportunity for non represented actors to audition for the award winning TV programme The 4 O Clock Club.

We are holding a casting for the roles on the following breakdown (Represented actors please go through your agent, thanks)...


Carson (Young Male)
The school heart throb. Very good looking and very intelligent. Looks like a boy band member. He is confident and sure of himself.
Playing age 15
Ethnicity Any

Sasha (Young Female)
Quite pretty, she is studious and is in love with Carson. Can be a little bit OTT with her affections towards him.
Playing age 14 – 15
Ethnicity Any

Mad Scientist (Adult Male)
He is presenting a poorly conceived, badly attended science based theatre show. It is very light on scientific content and many of the facts are just plain wrong. He probably started out as an actor in TIE and never progressed.
Playing age 37 – 42
Ethnicity Any

Martin Thompson (Young Male)
Fit, tall, slightly edgy year 11. Could possibly be someone over 16 to play down.
He's a Mummy's boy but puts on a heavy masculine act at school. The other kids are genuinely frightened/impressed by him and he has an unapproachable air about him. He's not very intelligent.
Playing age 15 – 16
Ethnicity Any

Mrs Thompson (Adult Female)
Martin's Mum. She is someone really nice. Fussy and overprotective.
Playing age 42 – 45
Ethnicity Any

Sister Dorothy (Adult Female)
Religious school's gym teacher. She's a bit like the gym teacher "Sue from Glee". She's a slightly intimidating nun. Very athletic (under the garb) she won't take any nonsense. The girls play netball in fear of her.
Playing age 45 – 55
Ethnicity Caucasian

Briony (Young Female)
Tall, attends the convent school and plays netball. She's a bit on the posh side.
Playing age 16
Ethnicity Caucasian

Hopkins (Young Female)
Small and nerdy. Obviously not suited to netball.
Playing age 12 – 15
Ethnicity Any

All the above roles will appear in 1 episode (except for Martin Thompson who will appear in 2 Eps). These are paid roles. Please only submit yourself if you fit the role brief and please be clear which role you are submitting yourself for.

To submit yourself for consideration please send a brief breakdown of your acting experience, one natural headshot and your contact details. If you are selected for an audition you will be contacted with further details. Please submit via email to: THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED

Many thanks


  1. Do you have to use a professional photographed headshot , can you audition for two characters?

  2. Applying but like Adrianna said do u need a professional photographed headshot?

  3. I would think its fine not to have a professional one as long as it natural,has anyone got a reply really hope i get a audition for this.

  4. When do we find out if we've got an audition?

  5. Has anyone actually got a reply