Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Popular CBBC dramas set to return for two more series

The Dumping Ground is set to return to CBBC in 2015 for a fourth series. The 20 episodes of the new series will start filming in the North-East of England in Summer/Autumn 2015. The award-winning drama is set in and inspired by Jacqueline Wilson’s children’s home, and this new series will continue to follow the lives of the diverse group of young people who live there, combining the anarchic activities of this alternative family with tough and emotional storylines.

Series three of The Dumping Ground will be shown on CBBC in January 2015. Launching alongside the series is a new Dumping Ground app called The Dumping Ground - You’re The Boss, produced by Nikki Stearman.

Also returning to CBBC in 2015 is popular comedy drama 4 O'Clock Club. The fourth series (13 episodes) will be shown in January, and a fifth series will start filming in the Summer. Series five of the award winning comedy drama will bring more fun, chaos, mischief and mayhem to Elmsmere High.

Connal Orton is the Executive Producer of both the fourth and fifth series.


  1. Does anyone know where I can audition for this? I am a girl , year 9, 13 years old. Any comments would be helpful.

  2. Th dumping ground that is, please comment below :)