Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Casting call for Tiger Lily in Peter Pan

Casting is under way for an exciting new production of Peter Pan for ITV.

Submissions are now open for role of Tiger Lily/Jaya.

Please read the submissions guidelines carefully.

Location: London & an abroad location TBC

Shooting: 20th April - end of June 2015

The email address for all submissions is:

All submissions should clearly state what role they want to audition for in the email heading.
(Details of the roles of Peter Pan and Wendy are available here)

Jaya/Tiger Lily (Female, 11 - 14)

Supporting lead role.
Height: Any
Appearance: Asian, Indian, Pakistani

Attach to your email a short video of you introducing yourself (in character) to the camera talking about how you love your little brother and would do anything to protect him.

If you prefer you can provide a link to a vimeo video. No external downloads from sites such as wetransfer please. Working class. Strong regional accent

Jaya is visiting her very sick brother Hanif in hospital. She is a little older than the other children with bags of attitude. She is incredibly protective and caring towards Hanif and initially is only listening to the story of “Peter Pan” to keep Hanif company but we soon see that she is as involved with the story as all the other children.

In the story of “Peter Pan” Jaya is also Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily is equally as confident as Jaya and very brave as she stands up to Hook to protect both her brother and Peter (who she holds somewhat of a candle for)

In her incarnation as Tiger Lily, Jaya is dressed as she imagines an Indian Princess would dress (think Princess Jasmine with bare midriff and perhaps shoulders on view).


All submissions should be sent to THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED! and should clearly state what role is being applied for in the email heading.