Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top Coppers

Young TV newcomer Rio Myers stars alongside comedians John Kearns (Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2014) and Steen Raskopoulos (2014 Edinburgh Best Newcomer nominee) in Top Coppers in new BBC Three comedy series Top Coppers.

Rio (represented by D&B Management) plays Intelligence specialist, technology expert Zak, who just happens to be a 10-year-old boy. He coordinates crime intelligence via his computer (or ‘information box’ as Rust calls it). Everyone is aware that he is a child, but they never acknowledge it and never talk down to him like a child.
Despite being only 10, he talks about life and work with the wealth of experience of a man in his forties, though still drawing on the references of a child. He is a bit of a prankster and isn’t intimidated by anyone.

Top Coppers follows the adventures of cops John Mahogany (Raskopoulos) and Mitch Rust (Kearns), as they attempt to rid the fictional world of Justice City from its deranged criminal underworld.

The universe and characters of Top Coppers are derived from the conventions of American and British cop shows of the Seventies and Eighties, from Starsky & Hutch to The Professionals, but is set in no specific time or country. With big, silly characters and hilarious stories, Top Coppers is filled with familiar tropes and references from the police and action genres, as well as drawing on relatable British situations, problems and relationships.

The series is created by Cein McGillicuddy and Andy Kinnear, who describe the show as "fast and funky. Imagine Father Ted if it was a 70s cop show. Fun, a bit silly and never quite what you expect. If you like your comedy to keep you guessing, this will be for you."

Top Coppers is directed by Cein McGillicuddy and starts on BBC Three on Wednesday 19th August.

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  1. Having just watched this awful load of rubbish I must ask myself 'What on earth were they thinking of?' The only connection this has to comedy is naming it one, the humour is totally purile to the point of being non existent. The gag of having one box labelled 'Ice Cream' and the one next to it labelled 'drugs' was not funny the first time we saw it, but using it as the running gag throughout the show is awful beyond belief. Please stranger heed my warning do not watch this load of tripe remember 'What has been seen cannot be unseen'. Brooklyn 99 it ain't!