Friday, October 9, 2015

Dixi returns for 3rd series

CBBC's online and interactive drama Dixi is set to return for a 3rd series. Claudia Jessie, April Hughes, Kerry Boyne and Jordan Loughran (hot from the set of Disney’s live action series Evermoor) are all returning, along with two new cast members:

Chloe May Cuthill (represented by Debbie Allen Associates), has previously appeared in Eastenders and The Midnight Beast and has recently filmed the feature Reason To Leave. She will play Zoe in the new series.

And also joining the cast is Shaquille Ali-Yebuah. Shaquille (represented by Identity Agency Group) has previously appeared in features Legacy and Social Suicide as well as the Radio 4 sitcom What Does The K Stand For?

This new series' plot sees the arrival of a new online menace as the gang are thrown together with a rival set of students to put on a showcase. The anonymous troll is determined to stop the show but Shari tries to expose them and save the play before the curtain goes up.

Director/head writer Dan Berlinka also returns for series three. “In Dixi:3 we’re pushing the story and characters further than ever, as our gang come up against not just the troll but also an angry online hate mob," says Dan. "We explore how even good intentions can lead to a form of bullying when people gang up on one another.”

Cat Jones and Matt Booth return to provide an original soundtrack, this time also featuring two new songs by Mick Cooke from the Brit award-winning band Belle & Sebastian.

Dixi:3 - Game Of Dixi is made by Kindle Entertainment.

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