Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First look at Wolfblood Series Four

Here's a first look at award-winning CBBC show Wolfblood which returns for a fourth series on Tuesday 4th March, with a new urban backdrop. Jana, played by Leona Vaughan is back with new characters TJ, played by Louis Payne, Matei, played by Jack Brett Anderson and Emilia, played by Sydney Wade.

Former wild wolfblood Jana (Leona Vaughan) takes centre stage, having left the security and seclusion of rural Stoneybridge and moved into the city where she forms a new pack.

The wolfbloods who play a pivotal role in her adventures include corporate boss Imara (Michelle Gayle), her son TJ (Louis Payne), Matei (Jack Brett Anderson), his sister Emilia (Sydney Wade), and martial arts enthusiast Selina (Rukku Nahar). Familiar returning characters include Katrina (Gabrielle Green), who has opened a new Kafe in town, Kay (Shorelle Hepkin) and their old teacher Mr Jeffries (Mark Fleischmann).

In a world of CCTV, social networks, 4G camera phones and viral videos, the wolfblood ‘secret’ is becoming increasingly vulnerable. Faced with new dilemmas and foes, wolfbloods have to adapt to survive and Jana faces her biggest challenges yet.

Working for Segolia, Jana is trying to help out her fellow Wolfbloods, but working in such a controlled environment will test her wild inner-wolf to the limits. TJ is Jana’s streetwise, smart and handsome Segolia mentor… or so he thinks. It’s more likely that he’s been assigned to Jana so that she can be a good influence on him. He’s full of bravado and tries really hard to be ‘cool’… But could he be an ally or an enemy for Jana? 

Matei is fiercely protective of his little sister and has a particular distaste for humans. According to Matei, Wolfbloods and Humans cannot co-exist and it’s time Wolfbloods stopped hiding and took their true ‘leading’ place in the world. It could land him in serious trouble with Segolia… 

Little sister Emilia bears the scars of the tragic house fire that killed her and Matei’s parents. She may be vulnerable and timid, but Emilia is still a Wolfblood and when the opportunity arises, this little wolf bares her teeth far more ferociously than Matei!

 The series was created by writer Debbie Moon. It is produced for CBBC by CBBC Productions and is a co-production with ZDFE in Germany. It is executive produced by Lucy Martin and produced by Jonathan Wolfman. Jermain Julien directs episodes one to four.

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